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Thursday, September 4, 2014

TACOLICIOUS: Festive Recipes for Tacos, Snacks, Cocktails, and More

Tacolicious by Sara Deseran

Wanda's Review:  Tacolicious will truly satisfy your Mexican food cravings.  And it certainly shows that these recipes can easily be made at home.

The cookbook begins with How to cook with this book – giving techniques that are basic, but essential ----
Toasting spices
Toasting, frying, and soaking dried chiles.
Roasting, broiling, and grilling vegetables.

The cookbook is divided into the following sections:
Salsas, Pickles + More
Snacks + Sides
Tacos, Tacos, + Tacos
Cocktails, Aguas Frescas + More

I’ve tried Pickled-cauliflower, carrots, and jalapenos – quite good – and Pickled red onions – a bit salty, but will make again, using less salt.  I have several more recipes earmarked to try in the near future. 

The recipes are impressive, and it’s laid out in an easy to use manner with some beautiful pictures.  However, I wish there were pictures for every recipe.  I would like to see the finished product and pictures certainly entice the taste buds. 

This would make a wonderful gift for the new bride or really, just about anyone. No doubt about it, Tacolicious has a large array of mouth-watering recipes.  And it is a wonderful addition to my collection of cookbooks.  My rating is 4 stars. 
 I received a copy of this cookbook from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions shared are my own. 

Book Description:  A collection of recipes for fun, accessible taqueria fare--including colorful salsas, tasty snacks, irresistible cocktails, and of course tacos galore--from the wildly popular San Francisco restaurants and acclaimed Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market food stand, Tacolicious. 

Tacos may be the most universally loved, happy-making food on earth. After all, who can say no to a juicy, spicy Chile verde taco; a decadently deep-fried Baja-style fish taco; or a gloriously porky Carnitas taco? At Tacolicious, the San Francisco Bay Area’s most popular Mexican restaurant, tacos are a way of life. And now, in this hotly anticipated cookbook, co-owner Sara Deseran shares all of the restaurant’s tortilla-wrapped secrets. Whether you’re seeking quick and easy weeknight meals or inspiration for a fabulous fiesta, Tacolicious has you covered. With recipes for showstopping salsas, crave-worthy snacks, cocktails and mocktails, and, of course, tacos galore, this festive collection is chock-full of real Mexican flavor—with a delicious California twist. 

Publisher:  Ten Speed Press
Release Date:  September 2, 2014
Pages:  212
Genre:  Cookbooks

 About the Author - Sara Deseran, a longtime food writer and San Francisco magazine's editor-at-large, is the co-founder of Tacolicious along with her husband Joe Hargrave. Sara's magazine writing has been featured in multiple Best Food Writing anthologies and she's contributed to publications such as Food & Wine, Sunset, and Food Arts. The author of three cookbooks, and the keeper of the Tacolicious blog (, she lives in San Francisco with Joe and their children. Joe and Sara are opening a Chinese dumpling and noodle restaurant called Chino ( in late Spring 2014.
Image of Sara Deseran