The three most important parts of a book are: a well constructed plot, compelling characters, and a satisfying conclusion.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


The Mill River Redemption by Darcie ChanPublisher:  Ballantine Books
Release Date:  August 26, 2014
Pages:  416
Genre:  Women's Fiction

About the Book:  New York Times bestselling author Darcie Chan returns to the enchanting town of Mill River in a heartwarming novel of family, self-discovery, and forgiveness. Perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy.

Josie DiSanti is starting over. Recently widowed, she has fled her New York City home with her two young daughters—spirited Rose and shy Emily—in tow. She takes refuge in Mill River, Vermont, to live with her only remaining relative, Ivy Collard, the local bookstore owner and a woman Josie barely knows. There, the young mother and her girls build a new life for themselves—until a shocking tragedy tears the sisters apart.

Years later, Josie’s still-estranged daughters return to the quiet town for the reading of their mother’s will, which stipulates that they must work together to locate a hidden key to a safe-deposit box containing their inheritance. Even from the great beyond, it seems Josie will do anything to bring about her daughters’ reconciliation. Having no choice but to go along with their mother’s final wishes, Rose and Emily move back to Mill River for the summer to begin the search—discovering that, in the close-knit community known for magic and miracles, an even greater treasure awaits them.

Wanda's Thoughts:  The Mill River Redemption is a simple story with a lot of depth, and has strong themes of family love and forgiveness. It is truly a heartwarming story.  And the cover is so appropriate, absolutely beautiful!

December 1983 – Josi DiSanti is starting over with her two daughters, 4-year-old Rose, and 2-year-old Emily. Her husband, Tony, had just died tragically in a fire, and she and her girls are on their way to live with her Aunt Ivy in Mill River, a quaint little town in Vermont. Josi doesn’t even know her Aunt Ivy, but she was the only family she had left. 

2013 – After the death of Josi, a letter is read to Rose and Emily, instructing them to repair their relationship with each other. They must locate a key that will open Josi’s safe deposit box, and they will then inherit a substantial amount from her estate. It was Josi's hope that Rose and Emily would come out of this experience as real sisters again, to overcome the unpleasantness between them, and share a bond they once knew as sisters. It was also Josi’s hope that Rose and Emily would uncover good memories to help take away the bad. However, there was a catch. They must uproot themselves and move back to Mill River, at least temporarily, to begin this treasure hunt for their inheritance. 

And the story unfolds as the past mingles with the present and the author uses many layers to weave this tale of two estranged sisters, who have lost that strong bond they once knew. 

The complex characters or Rose and Emily were strongly portrayed. The author did a marvelous job getting into the hearts and minds of all the characters, even the minor ones. Aunt Ivy was an endearing character that captured my heart, and certainly brought life to the story. The story had a few twists and turns, and an ending that totally took me by surprise. 

One negative comment – The middle of the story seemed to stall a bit, and my interest declined somewhat, but the last part of the story did pick up and I became fully engaged again.

The Mill River Redemption is a light and easy read. My rating is 4 stars and I’ll be watching for more books by this author. Truly well done!
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Ballantine Books through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions shared are solely my own. 

Darcie ChanAbout the Author:  Darcie Chan is the author of THE MILL RIVER RECLUSE, an originally self-published debut novel that became a word-of-mouth e-book sensation. With more than 700,000 copies sold, THE MILL RIVER RECLUSE appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists for more than 30 weeks and became a heartwarming favorite of readers across the country.

Ballantine Books will release THE MILL RIVER RECLUSE in print for the first time in the United States and Canada on June 17, 2014, and an updated e-book version of the novel will go on sale on that same date. 

Only two short months later, on August 26, 2014, Darcie's second novel, entitled THE MILL RIVER REDEMPTION, will be published in both print and electronic formats. Like her first novel, THE MILL RIVER REDEMPTION is set in the fictional town of Mill River, Vermont, and will be released by Ballantine Books. 

Currently, Darcie lives just north of New York City with her husband and son. She is hard at work on the third novel in the Mill River series.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

JAMES MADISON: A Life Reconsidered By Lynne Cheney

James Madison: A Life ReconsideredPublisher:  Viking
Release Date:  May 6, 2014
Pages:  576
Genre:  American History

Reviewed By WC

About the Book:  A major new biography of the fourth president of the United States by New York Times bestselling author Lynne Cheney
This majestic new biography of James Madison explores the astonishing story of a man of vaunted modesty who audaciously changed the world. Among the Founding Fathers, Madison was a true genius of the early republic.
Outwardly reserved, Madison was the intellectual driving force behind the Constitution and crucial to its ratification. His visionary political philosophy and rationale for the union of states—so eloquently presented in The Federalist papers—helped shape the country Americans live in today.
Along with Thomas Jefferson, Madison would found the first political party in the country’s history—the Democratic Republicans. As Jefferson’s secretary of state, he managed the Louisiana Purchase, doubling the size of the United States. As president, Madison led the country in its first war under the Constitution, the War of 1812. Without precedent to guide him, he would demonstrate that a republic could defend its honor and independence—and remain a republic still.

WC's Review:  Would that the pseudo leaders of the past one hundred twenty years read this timely book. Although written by Lynne Cheney, wife of our former vice president, whom some consider less than authoritative and a bit biased, which ostensibly has rubbed off on his spouse, this book is a treasure for those seeking a smidgen of little known history concerning James Madison and his fellow founders.

Teddy Roosevelt, first of the Progressives, would have been amused, but respectful; Woodrow Wilson, probably furious, for he considered himself much wiser that Madison, Jefferson, John Adams, George Mason, and many others, and more in tune with the needs, or wants, of the American public.

FDR would have laughed and then accused his beloved Eleanor of clandestine seances with the founders. LBJ would not have much cared, thinking his legacy preserved by the mighty success of his Great Society and his signature on the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

If all the reader of this extensive research volume comes away with is a clearer understanding of the original intent of "providing for the general welfare" clause in the preamble of the Constitution, then all is well. Today, however, distribution of wealth, meeting the needs, again wants, of the poor and infirm, creating class warfare and envy, are policies more in tune with the entitlement miasma the pervades society.

Does author Cheney see a change? Perhaps, but little hope. My rating - 5 Stars.

Lynne CheneyAbout the Author:  Lynne Ann Vincent Cheney, is a novelist, conservative scholar, and former talk-show host who is the wife of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Monday, August 25, 2014

THE SILENT SISTER By Diane Chamberlain

The Silent Sister by Diane ChamberlainPublisher:  St Martin's Press
Expected Release Date:  October 7, 2014
Pages:  352
Genre:  Mystery

About the Book:  n The Silent Sister, Riley MacPherson has spent her entire life believing that her older sister Lisa committed suicide as a teenager.  Now, over twenty years later, her father has passed away and she's in New Bern, North Carolina cleaning out his house when she finds evidence to the contrary.  Lisa is alive.  Alive and living under a new identity.  But why exactly was she on the run all those years ago, and what secrets are being kept now?  As Riley works to uncover the truth, her discoveries will put into question everything she thought she knew about her family.  Riley must decide what the past means for her present, and what she will do with her newfound reality, in this engrossing mystery from international bestselling author Diane Chamberlain. 

Wanda's Thoughts:  This book is the perfect example of why I love to read. It has it all – a well constructed plot, compelling characters, and a satisfying conclusion. Truly well done!

1990 – Alexandria, Virginia – An empty kayak, surrounded by ice, is found in the middle of the river. A seventeen-year-old girl, Lisa MacPherson, is missing and presumed dead. Lisa had been accused of murder and had taken the easy way out, apparently committing suicide. No body had been recovered, but the police were giving up the search, reasonably sure the body rested somewhere beneath the icy river. 

25-year-old Riley MacPherson had lost everyone she loved. She returns to her childhood home, after the death of her father, to settle his estate. Riley misses her dad. He was so easy to talk to, and no one had loved her more deeply. She now has the daunting task of cleaning out the house and going through the many items her father had collected over the years ---collections had been his obsession. As she gets the house ready to sell, she is confronted with many memories. She soon turns up some very dark family secrets and believes that most of her life has been a lie --- nothing is, as it seems. Riley’s life is filled with gaps, and the story unfolds as she sets out to find the truth, and uncovers more secrets than she ever could have imagined. 

Lisa had been the princess of the MacPherson family. Their world seemed to revolve around her - their violin Goddess. Lisa was very talented, driven to play the violin, and it was the one thing that made her world complete and brought her joy. 

The characters were all interesting and expertly drawn, even the minor ones. The author weaves a tale of dark secrets and betrayal throughout, with many twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. Drama was included from beginning to end, and the storyline certainly captured my excitement. Diane Chamberlain is fast becoming a favorite of mine. I just finished Necessary Lies a few weeks ago, and look forward to reading more from this outstanding author. This is one you don’t want to miss! A gripping tale, that is well written, and thoroughly a great read! 5 Stars.
I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions shared are my own.

Diane ChamberlainAbout the Author:  I'm the author of 23 novels published in more than twenty languages. I like to write complex stories about relationships between men and women, parents and children, brothers and sisters, and friends. Although the thematic focus of my books often revolves around family, love, compassion and forgiveness, my stories usually feature a combination of suspense, mystery and intrigue. 

I live in North Carolina with my significant other, photographer John Pagliuca, and my shelties, Keeper and Cole--the only non-reading members of the household!

Please visit my website and blog. I look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BROADCHURCH: A Novel By Erin Kelly Based on the Story by Series Creator Chris Chibnall

Broadchurch by Erin KellyPublisher:  Minotaur Books
Expected Release Date:  September 16, 2014
Pages:  448
Genre:  Mystery

About the Book:  In the sleepy British seaside town of Broadchurch, Detective Ellie Miller has just returned from vacation, only to learn that she’s been passed over for a promotion at work in favor of outsider Alec Hardy. He, escaping the spectacular failure of his last case, is having trouble finding his way into this tight-knit community wary of new faces. But professional rivalry aside, both detectives are about to receive some terrible news: 11-year-old Danny Latimer has been found murdered on the beach.

For Ellie it's a personal blow; Danny was her older son’s best friend. She can’t believe anyone in Broadchurch would ever have harmed him. But Alec considers everyone, even Danny’s parents, suspect in his death. It’s a living nightmare for everyone involved…even before the press arrive and start stirring up the secrets every town member keeps hidden behind closed doors.

An intimate portrait of a town and the ordinary grievances that have slowly simmered for years before boiling over in an unthinkable crime, this remarkable adaptation of the hit television show Broadchurch tells the story of a shattered family, a reeling town, and the two imperfect detectives trying to bring them answers.

Wanda's Thoughts:  The coastal town of Broadchurch is preparing for its summer season. The atmosphere changes quickly when the unthinkable happens. The body of an 11 year-old boy is found on Harbour Cliff Beach. The body is identified as Danny Latimer, who lived in town with his family. 

It is determined early on that this murder was not committed by a random opportunist, but perhaps by someone local. And probably someone they all know, someone the family knows and respects. Broadchurch is a town laced with secrets and the story unfolds with an intense and emotional plot as dark secrets and betrayals are unveiled throughout. Deep feelings surface as the author really gets into the hearts and minds of the characters – intriguing characters with very complex issues. The storyline has mystery, drama, and powerful emotions that evolve for an enthralling read. The ending builds into a big crescendo – a stunning conclusion! There were so many twists and turns that kept you guessing until the end – certainly not predictable.

I was not aware of the TV series, but after reading the book I’d be very interested in watching it. Everything about this book drew me in – the multi-faceted storyline, compelling characters, and a conclusion that totally surprised me. My only negative comment is that there are so many characters to keep track of that I was getting them confused. But the ending was so powerful and emotional that I couldn’t give this novel anything less that a 5 star rating. I highly recommend. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Erin KellyErin Kelly - Author - Erin Kelly was born in London in 1976 and grew up in Essex. She read English at Warwick University and has been working as a journalist since 1998.

She has written for newspapers including the The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Express and magazines including Red, Psychologies, Marie Claire, Elle and Cosmopolitan.

Monday, August 18, 2014

BLOOD MOONS: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs By Mark Biltz

Blood Moons by Mark BiltzPublisher:  WND Books
Release Date:  March 18, 2014
Pages:  188
Genre:  Religion/ Current-events

Reviewed By WC

About the Book:  "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come." Joel 2:31 From the beginning, in Genesis, God declared He specifically created the sun and the moon to be used for signs. These heavenly bodies would be used as signals of coming dramatic historical events when the Creator of the universe would intersect with human history. But how do we unlock the code to interpret the signals?

The key is found in the riveting new book, Blood Moons by Pastor Mark Biltz. In 2007 Pastor Biltz first discovered the correlation between when blood moons fell on feast days and key historical world events. He found the divine link between prophecy, heavenly signs, historical events, and when they intersect.

Throughout history God, the Master Timekeeper, has used the heavenly bodies to communicate to us when significant events will happen.

If you want to understand the timing of the Lord, you have to understand the seasons of the Lord, the feasts of the Lord, and the calendar of the Lord.

What are the feasts days?

What is the difference between the biblical calendar and the one we use today?

Why should you be concerned about eclipses in the sky?

In Blood Moons Pastor Biltz answers these questions and more. He explains the importance of these biblical celebrations and milestones and shows how you too can be aware of the signs of things to come.

WC's Review:  Mark Biltz must think we are all Greek scholars. In order to coordinate the intricacies of the scientific alignment of the moon, earth, and sun, as foretold in Scripture and in the research of the author, we all would do well to have a background in the original language of biblical prophecy. The understanding of the Greek enhances the understanding of the Bible.

It is not too late to learn, as the author hints that such signs given in the sky, authorized by God, signify that something dramatic and world shaking is about to happen. Tied in with the alignment of heavenly bodies and and the Jewish holidays of Passover, the Feast of Tabernacles, Rosh Hosannah, Pentecost, and others, it becomes chilling to suspect that world significant events will happen in the years 2014-15. Get ready.

Through extensive reviews of past history when heavenly signs have proven reliable, Biltz does not say for certain that end times events will happen. He merely asserts that NASA and others have researched the blood moons effect on theatrical historical meaning. 

This is a must read. For everyone, believers and non.

God no longer talks to us. We need to pay attention to the skies.  3 Stars

Saturday, August 16, 2014

NOTES FROM A BLUE BIKE: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World By Tsh Oxenreider

Notes from a Blue Bike by Tsh OxenreiderPublisher:  Thomas Nelson
Release Date:  February 4, 2014
Pages:  272
Genre:  Non Fiction

About the Book:  Life is chaotic. But we can choose to live it differently.

It doesn't always feel like it, but we "do" have the freedom to creatively change the everyday little things in our lives so that our path better aligns with our values and passions.

The popular blogger and founder of the internationally recognized "Simple Mom" online community tells the story of her family's ongoing quest to live more simply, fully, and intentionally.

Part memoir, part travelogue, part practical guide, "Notes from a Blue Bike "takes you from a hillside in Kosovo to a Turkish high-rise to the congested city of Austin to a small town in Oregon. It chronicles schooling quandaries and dinnertime dilemmas, as well as entrepreneurial adventures and family excursions via plane, train, automobile, and blue cruiser bike.

Entertaining and compelling--but never shrill or dogmatic--"Notes from a Blue Bike "invites you to climb on your own bike, pay attention to who you are and what your family needs, and make some important choices. It's a risky ride, but it's worth it--living your life according to who you "really" are simply takes a little intention. It's never too late.

Wanda's Thoughts:  Tsh Oxenreider shows how it can be possible to live our lives contentedly and with intention by creatively changing little things in our lives. 

The chapters are divided into seven topics.

I – Awakening – “We were made to live slower then our fast-paced Western culture deems normal. But it means paddling upstream through strong currents.”

II – Food – The Slow Food approach – wanting to feed the family nourishing food and supporting companies and farmers by buying local. Eating right requires making deliberate choices about ingredients and growing methods. 

III – Work – Starting your own business and being able to work from anywhere. It will require finding a work-life balance and prioritizing your family values. 

IV – Education – Schooling options – to homeschool or not to homeschool. Be intentional about you kids’ education, thinking through both the benefits and the negative consequences. 

V – Travel – The modern-day technology of travel. There were days when the family felt like heading toward the airport and hopping the next plane to wherever. The kids all had updated passports. It requires bravery, but allows you to investigate life up close. Certainly not routine, but creates much adventure as a family. 

VI – Entertainment – In all its forms, entertainment is so easily accessible in our technology-soaked culture – always within arm’s reach. 

VII – Revival – Taking care of yourself is essential to making life-changing decisions that can have an effect on your family. Sometimes slowing down is necessary to enjoy living more intentionally. It can be a blessing to live for something beyond yourself. 

To young couples raising a family I would recommend this book more quickly. Realistically, the suggestions are not for everyone. I would assume that most families would not be able to just pick up at anytime and hop a plane to wherever. But the author reassures the readers to live according to their needs and resources. Also included, in the back of the book, are interesting discussion questions. I could see this book being read by a young couple’s book club. 

My only quibble with the book - sometimes the chapters felt disjointed.

I wavered between a 3-4 rating, finally deciding on 4 because of the great writing style. I found this book to be a relaxed and easy read. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

Tsh OxenreiderAbout the Author:  Tsh Oxenreider is the main blogger behind The Art of Simple, a blog dedicated to the art and science of living simpler. Tsh is the author of Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World, One Bite at a Time: 52 Bites for Making Life Simpler, and Organized Simplicity. Tsh also records a podcast with Homefries called The Art of Simple Podcast, which during one week ranked second under NPR’s This American Life in most listened-to podcasts.. Tsh is also an advocate for Compassion International, is a regular contributor at (in)courage, and is an A-List Expert with Real Simple magazine. She thinks a library card, a Netflix subscription, and a passport are some of the greatest parenting tools in the universe.

Friday, August 15, 2014

THE KENNEDY HALF CENTURY: The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F Kennedy By Larry J Sabato

The Kennedy Half-Century by Larry J. SabatoPublisher:  Bloomsbury USA
Release Date:  October 15, 2013
Pages:  624
Genre:  History

Reviewed By WC

About the Book:  John F. Kennedy died almost half a century ago—yet because of his extraordinary promise and untimely death, his star still resonates strongly. On the anniversary of his assassination, celebrated political scientist and analyst Larry J. Sabato—himself a teenager in the early 1960s and inspired by JFK and his presidency—explores the fascinating and powerful influence he has had over five decades on the media, the general public, and especially on each of his nine presidential successors.

A recent Gallup poll gave JFK the highest job approval rating of any of those successors, and millions remain captivated by his one thousand days in the White House. For all of them, and for those who feel he would not be judged so highly if he hadn’t died tragically in office, The Kennedy Half-Century will be particularly revealing. Sabato reexamines JFK’s assassination using heretofore unseen information to which he has had unique access, then documents the extraordinary effect the assassination has had on Americans of every modern generation through the most extensive survey ever undertaken on the public’s view of a historical figure. The full and fascinating results, gathered by the accomplished pollsters Peter Hart and Geoff Garin, paint a compelling portrait of the country a half-century after the epochal killing. Just as significantly, Sabato shows how JFK’s presidency has strongly influenced the policies and decisions—often in surprising ways—of every president since.

Among the hundreds of books devoted to JFK, The Kennedy Half-Century stands apart for its rich insight and original perspective. Anyone who reads it will appreciate in new ways the profound impact JFK’s short presidency has had on our national psyche.

WC's Review:  If you have an obsession that becomes a habit, then you must concern yourself that preoccupation be pure. If not, it becomes an unsavory part of your character. And as part of your character, it lessens your humanity and becomes the thorn akin to that which the apostle Paul carried with him the rest of his life.

Author Larry J Sabato does not concern himself with Kennedy's fatal character flaw. He chooses to impart research with extensive notes and citations to convince us that Kennedy, through his persona, has become the role model that all subsequent presidents of these United States have emulated.

The author also convinces us that the only true man of resolve and character since Kennedy was the president who most ofter compared himself to, and quoted him most often. He doesn't, however, forget that Reagan was his own man and through his charisma and belief system, akin to Kennedy's, was able to bring an end to the communist system and restore America once again to its rightful role as world leader. 

Sad that Kennedy was assassinated. It was inevitable, according to this author. The question of whether Oswald acted alone will remain with us always. Sabato gives us many theories as to the conspiracy, if indeed there was one, and gives ample evidence that such things could not have happened. Others he does not rule out.

Kennedy fans will become enraptured with this exhaustive study of Kennedy and his mystique, along with Jackie, brothers Robert and Ted, LBJ, and principal others who influenced this man of destiny. 

Son John John, with his salute to his father during the funeral procession, endeared the Kennedy family in our hearts forever.

Will the Kennedy legacy endure the next half-century? No doubt.  5 Stars

About the Author:  Larry Joseph Sabato is the Robert Kent Gooch Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia, director of their Center for Politics, and a political analyst.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

NECESSARY LIES By Diane Chamberlain

Necessary Lies by Diane ChamberlainPublisher:  St. Martin's Press
Release Date:  September 3, 2013
Pages:  352
Genre:  Historical Fiction

About the Book:  Bestselling author Diane Chamberlain delivers a breakout book about a small southern town fifty years ago, and the darkest—and most hopeful—places in the human heart

After losing her parents, fifteen-year-old Ivy Hart is left to care for her grandmother, older sister and nephew as tenants on a small tobacco farm.  As she struggles with her grandmother’s aging, her sister’s mental illness and her own epilepsy, she realizes they might need more than she can give.

When Jane Forrester takes a position as Grace County’s newest social worker, she doesn’t realize just how much her help is needed.  She quickly becomes emotionally invested in her clients' lives, causing tension with her boss and her new husband.  But as Jane is drawn in by the Hart women, she begins to discover the secrets of the small farm—secrets much darker than she would have guessed.  Soon, she must decide whether to take drastic action to help them, or risk losing the battle against everything she believes is wrong.

Set in rural Grace County, North Carolina in a time of state-mandated sterilizations and racial tension, Necessary Lies tells the story of these two young women, seemingly worlds apart, but both haunted by tragedy.  Jane and Ivy are thrown together and must ask themselves: how can you know what you believe is right, when everyone is telling you it’s wrong?

Wanda's Review:  The characters in this story are fictional, but the Eugenics Sterilization Program was not. This program was active from 1929-1975 in North Carolina. Over 7,000 citizens in North Carolina were sterilized. The program targeted the “mentally defective,” the “feebleminded,” inmates in mental institutions, those suffering with epilepsy, and others whose sterilization were considered “for the public good.”

Wow! What a powerful book! I became engrossed in this story from the beginning and never lost interest through the end. I was never aware of the Eugenics Program in North Carolina. Eugenics was about improving the human race --- weeding out negative traits and encouraging the positive. It reminded me of the turbulent time in history, Nazi, Germany, when Hitler tried to develop the perfect race. 

The character development was excellent, with an intense and heart-wrenching storyline. The story is about Mary Ella and Ivy Hart, who were raised by their grandmother, Nonnie, in a totally dysfunctional family. This is a book you will not forget --- a book with almost unbearable poignancy and one that will make your heart ache. 

The author shows the reader the facts by creating wonderful dialogue, and conveying the inner thoughts of Jane, Ivy and Mary Ella. I was totally drawn into their world as dark secrets are revealed throughout. 

Jane Forrester, a caseworker for the Department of Welfare, behaved in an unprofessional manner, getting too involved with her clients, losing her objectivity. She just couldn’t keep an emotional distance from the people she worked with. And the story unfolds as rules are broken and necessary lies are told, and Jane finds out the hard way that being a Social Worker is not at all what she expected.

This was my first time reading a book by Diane Chamberlain, but I’ll certainly be searching for more. Necessary Lies will be added to my “all time favorites” list.  5 stars to an incredible book!

Diane ChamberlainAbout the Author:  I'm the author of 23 novels published in more than twenty languages. I like to write complex stories about relationships between men and women, parents and children, brothers and sisters, and friends. Although the thematic focus of my books often revolves around family, love, compassion and forgiveness, my stories usually feature a combination of suspense, mystery and intrigue. 

I live in North Carolina with my significant other, photographer John Pagliuca, and my shelties, Keeper and Cole--the only non-reading members of the household!

Please visit my website and blog. I look forward to seeing you there!