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Saturday, September 20, 2014

In Search of Ireland's Heroes: The Story of the Irish from the English Invasion to the Present By Carmel McCaffrey

In Search of Ireland's Heroes by Carmel McCaffreyPublisher:  Ivan R Dee
Release Date:  October 2006
Pages:  290
Genre:  European History

Reviewed By WC

Book Description:  A history of Ireland from the twelfth century to the present, following on the author's highly successful In Search of Ancient Ireland. In addition to plumbing the historical record, Ms. McCaffrey discusses the leading Irish families and their social roles, and the great castles and homes that dot the Irish countryside. The history comes alive for the present-day reader. Illustrated.

Wc's Review:  This is not only the story of the emergence of Ireland as a slave satellite to England, but also a story of the resourcefulness and sovereignty of man before he was forced to succumb to the allure of a greater power.The comparisons to the united efforts of the colonies in the new world into the United States is eerily familiar, for both were highly successful and independent entities before the sway of collectivist society.

Independent nations do not like to be told what to do.

Carmel McCaffrey's book reads like a textbook, revealing in sequence events that shaped present day Ireland with emphasis upon the personal forces and individuals who caused the subjugation of a once self reliant nation. 

McCaffrey lists all the important figures who held prominent positions in the development of Ireland since the twelfth century, which suffices to keep reader interest. However, one does have to possess a hefty curiosity about Ireland to keep from putting the book back onto the coffee table. 3 Stars