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Friday, December 5, 2014

My Days with Princess Grace by Joan Dale, Grace Dale

Publisher:  In-Lightning
Release Date:  September 14, 2014
Pages:  352
Genre:  Non-Fiction

Book Description:  Get to know the real Princess Grace, from the first years of her marriage to the last days of her life. "My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco: Our 25-Year Friendship, Beyond Grace Kelly" chronicles what it was like to be best friends with an iconic princess, with 70 never-before-seen personal photos, letters and diaries that give a behind-the-scenes look at Grace Kelly's life after she became Princess Grace. Gain rare insight into her final days through a detailed account of her last family vacation the month before her tragic death. This is also the true story of the historic events depicted in "Grace of Monaco," in which Grace Kelly was to return to Hollywood at a time when Prince Rainier almost lost his crown and country. 

Wanda's Thoughts:  This is truly an insightful and beautiful memoir about a lovely Princess - Princess Grace of Monaco. Taken from the fond memories of a close friend, Joan Dale, a beautiful picture was painted of Princess Grace.

The fairy tale wedding, and the wedding of the century, to Prince Rainier III was just the beginning. Prince Rainier and Princess Grace were a magnificent couple. Her presence filled a room, more beautiful than one could imagine, and the Prince was affable, with a magnetic personality, although somewhat shy.

The book takes you through the crises with France, and the threat of Prince Rainier losing his throne. Prince Rainier had to deal with DeGaulle and his ultimatum stating that if Rainier kept his stance of remaining an independent and absolute ruler,he would depose the Prince. The issue was finally resolved in 1962 when Prince Rainier announced that a new constitution would soon be implemented.  

Princess Grace was portrayed as a very genuine person, being compassionate and caring, warm and loving, and most importantly, humble and down to earth. During her 26 years as Princess of Monaco, she had a charismatic presence and a beauty that shone brightly from deep within. There are no tawdry details revealed in this book - kudos to the author for that!

My only negative comment - too much information, and I must admit I did some skimming over a lot of details. But that being said, for the most part, this was a good read. My rating - 3.5 stars.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

From the Author

ABOUT THIS BOOK, from co-author Grace Dale (goddaughter of Princess Grace)

If you want to know the truth about what Princess Grace was really like, then this eyewitness account is the book you've been waiting for (but if you are seeking more gossip and lies about Grace Kelly, there are plenty of other books written by people who never knew her). This is a personal memoir shared by Joan Dale, one of Princess Grace's closest friends, filled with intimate stories and behind-the-scenes details that no one has ever heard before, including:

- The true story behind the events that are completely fictionalized in the film, "Grace of Monaco", in which Nicole Kidman portrays "Princess Grace"

- What really happened when Grace Kelly tried to return to Hollywood?

- Why did President Charles de Gaulle threaten to depose Prince Rainier and take over Monaco?

- What was Princess Grace's marriage really like with Prince Rainier?

- How was Grace Kelly's daily life as Princess of Monaco in the early years, and what was she like as a wife, mother and friend?

- What was it like to go on month-long vacations with the Prince and Princess?

- And, for the first time, discover what Princess Grace's final days were like with her family in a detailed diary of their last family vacation just one month before her tragic death...

This is a unique story unlike any that has been published before of what it was like to be in the inner circle during quiet moments with the Princely Family, and throughout periods of tremendous political crisis, with excerpts from hundreds of personal letters written by Princess Grace and Prince Rainier. Joan Dale was an ordinary young American woman who became best friends with a Princess, and found herself living an extraordinary life in an extraordinary place at an extraordinary time.

This book lets you experience life in Monaco during the golden age of Princess Grace, surrounded by Hollywood royalty and crowned heads of the world. From parties aboard the yacht of Aristotle Onassis, to sumptuous galas filled with world-famous stars, extraordinary opulence, sumptuous food and extravagant jewels, to personal moments with Grace and Rainier in their mountain hideaway of Rocagel, and dancing all night in their private apartments at the Palace of Monaco, "My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco" will take you there...