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Friday, November 8, 2013

STRAIT of HORMUZ by Davis Bunn

Strait of Hormuz by Davis BunnPublisher:  Bethany House Publishers
Release Date:  November 5, 2013
Pages:  336

About the Book:
The threat of an Iranian blockade of the narrow Strait of Hormuz is escalating global tensions. Sanctions against Tehran have begun to bite, and it seeks to retaliate by cutting off vital shipping routes for crude oil. The specter of a preemptive Israeli strike has US officials on edge as they struggle to keep the world from plunging into the abyss.
Stymied in its efforts to uncover the sources of funding that bolster the Iranian nuclear program, the State Department calls on Marc Royce to investigate. With little to go on, he'll have to rely on an old ally. Kitra Korban has ties to people with the means to get things done, so long as no questions are asked.
But Iran is on the brink of nuclear capability, and time is running out.

Wanda's Review:  Taken from the book - The Strait of Hormuz formed the only sea passage between the Persian Gulf and the open ocean. Almost a quarter of the entire world's oil was shipped through those narrow waters, making it the most strategically vital passage on earth. 

Marc Royce was an agent for the United States government, a man who's job was to protect the innocent and to serve his country. But, officially Marc wasn't even a part of an intelligence agency because he'd been fired. Marc was in Switzerland because of the one person in the world he couldn't refuse, Ambassador Walton. Walton needed Marc's urgent help to carry out a mission - to get to the source of a money laundering scheme that had to do with art purchases. Marc was not prepped and he was there without backup.

Kitra Korban was a very intelligent and perceptive woman who had been a part of Marc's past. She had a sadness about her and Marc was the reason for that sorrow. Marc had broken off their relationship and she didn't want to be hurt again. She was now in Geneva because she had been told that Marc would enter Geneva's most exclusive art gallery, and die. She traveled from Israel to save him and her life was suddenly thrown into a different direction. She had just recently told Marc she never wanted to speak to him again. And the story unfolds ---

Interesting characters -
Rhana Mandana owned one of the finest art galleries in the world. She liked to live dangerously, believing risk was an exquisite pleasure as long as it was done in an elegant flair. She surrounded herself with extravagance and luxury. Rhana had sworn revenge on those in her past who had treated her wrongly and had destroyed anyone she had once held dear. She'd been taught to trust no one, and that included God, whom she banished because of life's unfairness.
Ambassador Walton - A superior in Washington who was committed to saving the world. He had fired Marc from the intelligence agency, but also served as his mentor. He had the utmost respect for Marc and knew Marc was the man to get this job done.
Sir Geoffrey Treadwick had a passion for art and he had quite a collection that was worth about five million dollars. He also owned a boat that was a floating palace.

Marc and Kitra are thrown together in a suspenseful situation while trying to overcome their strong feelings for each other. This story has a strong message of faith, strength, wisdom, and healing. I loved the spiritual overtones of this book - "with God, all things may come to pass." A 5 star novel.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions shared are solely my own. 

The Author - Davis Bunn  



About this author

Davis Bunn is an internationally-acclaimed author who has sold more than six million books in sixteen languages. Honored with three Christy Awards for excellence in historical and suspense fiction, his bestsellers include; The Great Divide, Winner Take All, The Meeting Place, The Book of Hours, and The Quilt. A sought-after lecturer in the art of writing, Bunn was named Novelist in Residence at Regent's Park College, Oxford University.

Also writes under the names Thomas Locke and T. Davis Bunn

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