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Friday, November 1, 2013

COLD MOUNTAIN: A Novel (Reviewed by WC)

Cold Mountain by Charles FrazierAuthor:  Charles Frazier                                         
Publisher:  Grove Press
Release Date:  August 2006
Pages:  449

About the Book: 
The hero of Charles Frazier's first novel is Inman, a disillusioned Confederate soldier who has failed to die as expected after being seriously wounded in battle during the last days of the Civil War. Rather than waiting to be redeployed to the front, the soul-sick Inman deserts, and embarks on a dangerous and lonely odyssey through the devastated South, heading home to North Carolina and seeking only to be reunited with his beloved, Ada, who has herself been struggling to maintain the family farm she inherited. Cold Mountain is a deeply-imagined addition to the literature of one of the most transformational periods in American history.

WC's Review:
Inman, as a missing-in-action confederate soldier, embarks on a four year journey back to his surreal female friend Ada at Black Cove in North Carolina. His trek is filled with descriptive scenes of hope and despair, as he meets both kindness and villiany. Upon his return, he is faced with choices that will impact his future with his beloved Ada. He considers life with her, and the ultimate experience, that of fasting seven days and then waiting for the gates of Shining Rocks to open on Cold Mountain where he will be welcomed into a land of peace.

Frazier's account of his hero's journey through the countryside rivals the simple magnificance of Hemingway. And, like Hemingway, he despairs that life indeed is cruel, and will conquer you in the end.

Young Ruby, who comes to the aid of Ada, is a strong character, as is her father Stobrod with his delight in his violin.

Truly a brilliant novel.     

About the Author:  Charles Frazier is an award-winning author of American historical fiction. His literary corpus, to date, is comprised of three New York Times best selling novels: Nightwoods(2011), Thirteen Moons (2006), and Cold Mountain (1997) - winner of the National Book Award for Fiction.

Charles Frazier