The three most important parts of a book are: a well constructed plot, compelling characters, and a satisfying conclusion.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

No One Needs To Know By Kevin O'Brien⭐️⭐️⭐️

Publisher:  Pinnacle
Release Date:  July 28, 2015
Pages:  416
Genre:  Mystery

Book Description: 
In July 1970, actress Elaina Styles was slain in her rented Seattle mansion along with her husband and their son’s nanny. When the baby’s remains were found buried in a shallow grave close to a hippie commune, police moved in—only to find all its members already dead in a grisly mass suicide.

Now, decades later, a film about the murders is shooting at the mansion. On-set caterer Laurie Trotter ignores gossip that the production is cursed. But then people start dying…

As Laurie digs deep into what happened all those years ago, the truth emerges more twisted than any whispered rumor, as a legacy of brutal vengeance reaches its terrifying climax…

Wanda's Thoughts:  A web of deceit and lies, No One Needs To Know is constructed in a very complex manner, with more than one intricate crafted storyline. This is a story filled with disappointments, regrets, and loss as Laurie Trotter faces difficult choices and challenges.

Laurie’s life has changed drastically because of a foolish affair she had with Tad McBride while her husband was in Afghanistan. She is now a war-widow and mother of an infant son. Laurie is a trained chef and doubles as a waitress and short-order-grill cook at the Superstar Diner. She is respected around town, but her life is falling apart because Tad and his despicable brother are stalking her. Laurie is looking for a safe haven for her son and herself and finds a job in Seattle. She begins to work in a food truck and catering business owned by Cheryl Wheeler. And the story unfolds as tensions escalate and mysteries unravel little by little.

I have mixed feelings about this book. It was certainly well written, with stressful and tense moments throughout, and there were great plot twists that kept me guessing. But I must say – I just didn’t find the storyline to be addictive or engrossing. It was just lukewarm. There was a large cast of characters that made it difficult to keep up. The premise of the book was intriguing, but slow moving. It could’ve been wrapped up 100 pages sooner. The ending was acceptable, but rather disappointing, and not very realistic. My rating is 3 stars.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author:   “I'm shamelessly promoting my new thriller, NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW (look for it on 7/28), and I'm ready to answer your questions and dish some dirt! Thanks for checking out my books! ” Kevin O'Brien