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Friday, May 29, 2015

A SPARROW IN TEREZIN - A Hidden Masterpiece Novel #2 By Kristy Cambron

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date:  April 7, 2015
Pages:  353
Genre:  Historical Fiction
Format:  Kindle
My Rating: 4+ Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About the Book: 
Bound together across time, two women will discover a powerful connection through one survivor's story of hope in the darkest days of a war-torn world. Present Day--With the grand opening of her new art gallery and a fairy tale wedding just around the corner, Sera James feels she's stumbled into a charmed life--until a brutal legal battle against fiancé William Hanover threatens to destroy the perfectly planned future she's planned before it even begins. Now, after an eleventh-hour wedding ceremony and a callous arrest, William faces a decade in prison for a crime he never committed, and Sera must battle the scathing accusations that threaten her family and any hope for a future.

1942--Kája Makovsky narrowly escaped occupied Prague in 1939, and was forced to leave her half-Jewish family behind. Now a reporter for the Daily Telegraph in England, Kája
discovers the terror has followed her across the Channel in the shadowy form of the London Blitz. When she learns Jews are being exterminated by the thousands on the continent, Kája has no choice but to return to her mother city, risking her life to smuggle her family to freedom and peace.

Connecting across a century through one little girl, a Holocaust survivor with a foot in each world, these two women will discover a kinship that springs even in the darkest of times. In this tale of hope and survival, Sera and Kája must cling to the faith that sustains and fight
to protect all they hold dear--even if it means placing their own futures on the line.

Wanda's Thoughts: 
The marriage of William and Sera is hindered by William's past. He is being charged of felony grand theft and forgery, and is facing prison time for crimes he didn’t commit. But Sera is determined to face the humiliation because she trusts her husband, and believes in his innocence.

Kaja fled Nazi-occupied Prague in March of 1939, leaving her half Jewish parents behind, with a promise from them that they would be on the next train. Kaja’s parents had sent her away because things had begun to turn bad in Prague, but they had no way of knowing that their daughter was now in the most dangerous place in the world. War had chased her to an ARP Shelter in the heart of London – she was living in the Blitz, caught up in another nightmare.

Kaja read that the Nazis were killing Jews, rounding them up and sending them away where many of them were never heard from again. The camps in the East were killing centers where the Jews, along with women and children, were murdered with bullets and by gas. Kaja makes the decision to return to Prague to rescue her parents.

Liam Marshall, a reporter assigned to the war beat, meets Kaja in London, and is immediately attracted to her. A romance soon blossoms between them. Liam knew there was no way of stopping Kaja from returning to Prague. He understood Kaja’s heart and used his connections to help her in her quest. Kaja was a woman of incredible will, and astounding courage, who was about to embark on a harrowing journey of great sadness.

And the story unfolds as Kaja returns to Prague and ends up in Terezin, a halfway point – a holding pen for Jews that was a combined ghetto and concentration camp. Between 1942 – 1944 more than 15,000 children passed through Terezin, living in horrific conditions, while they awaited to be transported from the ghettos to one of the Nazi killing centers.

The author cleverly weaves together two storylines that are compelling and beautifully written. The characters are strong and unique, and the engrossing story that takes place during WWII is vividly described – quite captivating.

A slight negative comment – I couldn’t become fully engaged with the story of William and Sera, and I did read the first book in the series, The Butterfly and the Violin. My rating is 4.5 stars.

Prepare to lose yourself in this thrilling novel, beautifully crafted, by an extraordinary author.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for and honest review.  

About the Author: 
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