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Friday, January 30, 2015

GOD'S STORY IN 66 VERSES: Understand the Entire Bible By Focusing on Just One Verse in Each Book By Stan Guthrie

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date:  January 6, 2015
Pages:  256
Genre:  Religion

Wanda's Thoughts:  
I’ve spent two weeks with this book using it as a daily devotional, and will continue on until I finish the 66 verses.  At times the Bible can be very intimidating and difficult to digest, But God’s Story in 66 Verses puts it all in perspective.  In addition to the key verses, there is a brief outline of each book, which will help refresh your memory – those so important stories of the Bible. 

This book would be a good introduction to those who are new to reading God’s word, but as a supplementary to the Bible, not in place of the Bible.  And to those of us who‘ve been studying God’s word for a long time, it will help us to continue to absorb and fit together the unified message.  But most importantly, as we read these 66 verses, we will be the recipients of spiritual nourishment.  My rating is 4 stars.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review
About the Book: Grasp God's Word in sixty-six easy verses

The Bible can seem like a big, intimidating book--mysterious, archaic, and often hard to understand. Written over a span of fifteen hundred years, and completed nearly two millennia ago, God's Word sometimes feels like a mishmash of stories and literary styles. How can twenty-first-century readers--like "you"--make sense of it all?

Author Stan Guthrie's answer: begin by zooming in on "one key verse" for each of the Bible's sixty-six books. Seeking to bring clarity and simplicity to the study of God's Word, Guthrie has written a concise, easy-to-digest collection of wisdom anchored by one verse for each book, from Genesis to Revelation--a verse that summarizes or lays the foundation for that book, placing it in context with the rest of the Scriptures. Read this book, and you'll feel as if you've read the entire Bible--but you'll also yearn to continue exploring its depths and mining its riches on your own.