The three most important parts of a book are: a well constructed plot, compelling characters, and a satisfying conclusion.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

OUR LAST CANDLE by Wallace Pond

Our Last Candle
Publisher: Pioneer Publishing Co
Release Date: 12/21/13
Pages: 331                 
About the Book:  
What does a handsome, free-living man do when he is in a plane crash in a remote area of British Columbia and he finds the only other survivor is an injured nun, young and pretty? With winter approaching and rescue uncertain, Link Longstreet is troubled by a nun whose vows seem unbending.

Faced with demanding hardships, both find this time and place afford a unique opportunity to question where life has taken them. Through introspection, Link struggles with the emotional devastation left by three loves from his past who rendered him reluctant to love beyond a physical level. On the other hand, Sister Dowery wonders what place her community vows of poverty, chastity and obedience have in a primal setting where a man and a woman struggle as partners for survival.

Wanda's Review:  A plane goes down in northern British Columbia carrying 12 passengers and there are only two survivors - Link Longstreet and Sister Mary Dowery. They are surrounded by a Canadian wilderness and solitude. It is August and the days are still warm, but the nights are cold, and Dow and Link have only a few weeks before they face harsh and unforgiving surroundings when the area will become a wintry, icy wilderness.

The lives of Dow and Link are unveiled in depth as they begin reminiscing about their past and make realizations about themselves because of their perilous circumstances. And the story unfolds ---

Link is a very complex character - rather impersonal, aloof, and detached. He felt uncomfortable around those who took religion too seriously, and he thought Nuns were strange and terribly untouchable. He believed you should "live life with a bang" until the final curtain comes down. He painted a rather grim picture to Dow about their survival - their hope of being found is a gamble and tells her that he is not a good man. He is tired of being a crash victim, tired of the pain and discomfort, and tired of his obligation to the nun. There is an added bonus in the book as Link's mind bubbled with images of poetry throughout.

Sister Dowery is a character who exudes strength and confidence. Her life has not been without failures. She is intellectually lonely because a nun meets everybody but really knows nobody. Solitude and reflection have been a huge part of her life, but faith has given her a serenity towards death.

The complex characters, beautiful descriptive writing, with the vivid imagery of scenes, take you on an emotional journey. This is an enduring tale about faith, survival, and love and it delivers in every way. The ending has a crescendo of suspense and shows that survival can happen in different forms. This story will surely touch your heart and is definitely worthy of a 5 star rating.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions shared are my own.