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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Train Baby's Mother by Sharon Bernash Smith

Publisher: OakTara
Release Date  :  November 2012
Pages:  232

Wanda's Review:  On December 24, 1943 two children were playing in the snow on a family farm, 30 miles north of Berlin and south of Ravensbruck, a Nazi prison camp for women. They heard a strange noise and trudge through the snow to investigate. They discovered a brown bundle lying next to the train tracks - a baby. The baby was immediately hidden with utmost discretion and it's final destination was a village in the Bavarian mountains with a family who loved it unconditionally.

In the winter of 1943 thousands of German citizens were transported to concentration camps on cattle cars of trains and it was happening under the cruel, demonic mind of Hitler. The extermination of every Jewish man, woman and child was carried out to the extreme that was never seen by the history of man. Lives of Jewish families would never be the same because of the diabolical mind and heinous acts of this man.

Ravensbruck was surrounded by barbed wire and was located 50 miles north of Berlin. Buildings were filled beyond capacity with women of all ages who were being starved with protruding bones and shaved heads. If the women weren't starved to death, they were gassed or shot and thrown into pits slushed with gasoline and set on fire.

This is the story of Hadassah Jensen, a Jewish woman, who fought to survive Ravensbruck and the Holocaust - a story of a woman whose innocence was shattered by these unspeakable acts of horror.

This is one of the most achingly sad books I've ever read on the Holocaust - just heart wrenching. The ending is filled with extraordinary poignancy and will have a strong impact on you. I highly recommend - a remarkable read!  My rating is 5 stars.