The three most important parts of a book are: a well constructed plot, compelling characters, and a satisfying conclusion.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Rockin' Chair by Steven Manchester

The Rockin' Chair is an engrossing read that is told with emotion and poignancy.  From beginning to end the story captured my heart with the good old fashioned story telling and the author managed to wrap it all into one beautiful package.  An amazing read!

The endearing character of John McCarthey, aka Grampa John, touched my heart.  Sometimes referred to as a stubborn, old codger, Grampa John is facing loneliness.  His wife of many years, Alice, is close to dying with the dreaded illness, Alzheimer's disease.  His world is about to collapse and all he can do is sit back and watch it happen.  Alice has been cheated one of life's greatest gifts, her memories, and is fast becoming no more than a shadow of the past.  Alice has always been the strong member of the McCarthey family - the one who instilled the family security.  As Alice's condition worsens, Grampa John decides it is time to call his family home - his three grand kids, Georgey, Evan and Tara, to say their goodbyes.  And the story unfolds ---

Over the years, Grampa John had carved four names into the seat of "the Rockin' Chair," that sat on their porch, Hank, Georgey, Evan and Tara.  From early on they'd all spent their childhoods rocking, laughing and learning to love and receiving Grampa's unconditional love.  Grampa John is not ready for the promised land until he knows these four loved ones have found peace in their lives and family problems are resolved.  There is mending to be done before he can join Alice in eternity.

After reading this book, I was left with a warm feeling - an absolutely wonderful read.  It is a favorite of mine for 2013.  My rating is 5 stars.  
I received a complimentary copy from Net Galley for an honest review of the book.  The opinion's shared are solely my responsibility.